Exquisite wood art


The Holzkunstgalerie is a wood art gallery that shows objects made of wood, primarily wood turned pieces, as well as individual sculptural works and sculptures, if they fit the topic.

Welcome to the first virtual gallery for wood art in Germany

There is no comparable institution in the whole of Germany that mainly deals with turned woodwork.

The wood art gallery offers you individual exhibitions of national and international woodturning artists and alternating themed exhibitions on different areas, e.g. bowls, vessels, boxes, candle holders etc.

The Holzkunstgalerie is funded by the Hessian Cultural Foundation .

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Affordable turned art

Our next exhibition is in preparation.

from 15 November

The application can be submitted as of now. Follow the link.

Exhibition affordable turned art

The story behind the


With the decline in real-life exhibitions and the pandemic-related “virtualization”, Klaus Kirchner had the idea of a virtual gallery that deals on the one hand with work made of wood and on the other hand with the technique of woodturning.

In order to support this art movement in Germany and Europe and to bring it closer to those interested in art, the wooden art gallery should show works by different artists and also enable sales.

With the promise of funding from the Hessian Cultural Foundation in July 2021, the wooden art gallery project began to become a reality.

Three exhibitions have already taken place in the Wood Art Gallery with the participation of national and European artists. The 4th exhibition “Affordable turned art” is in preparation.

The curators

Klaus Kirchner curator

Klaus Kirchner

Turns wood since 2005, Member of the BDK and BK, curating member of the BK

Andreas Dach curator

Andreas Dach

Master-Craftsman, turns wood since 1995, member of the BDK

Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

Pablo Picasso