About the


Founded in 2021, the wood art gallery focuses on the diverse possibilities of expression of today’s art in wood. In the online gallery we would like to show you exquisite examples of turned vessels through to elaborately designed objects that go beyond all traditional notions of “applied” art.

The exhibits can be viewed and bought in the virtual gallery during the exhibition times. The program includes German and international positions.

Klaus Kirchner, together with his co-curator Andreas Dach, would like to infect as many visitors as possible to the internet-based exhibition with Picasso’s following motto.

Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.

Pablo Picasso

The story behind the


With the decline in real-life exhibitions and the pandemic-related “virtualization”, Klaus Kirchner had the idea of a virtual gallery that deals on the one hand with work made of wood and on the other hand with the technique of woodturning.

In order to support this art movement in Germany and Europe and to bring it closer to those interested in art, the wooden art gallery should show works by different artists and also enable sales. With the promise of funding from the Hessian Cultural Foundation in July 2021, the wooden art gallery project began to become a reality.

Two exhibitions have already taken place in the wooden art gallery with the participation of national and European artists. The third exhibition is currently online.